Earthworks Trading Co.

2 Darlington Street

BATH, Somerset


Mob: +44 (0)7807 66 66 75

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About Earthworks Trading

Earthworks Trading has been working with subsistance farmers in West Africa since 1995 teaching and encouraging the sustainable use of the Wild Neem Tree. In agriculture,as a non - toxic pest contol agent(see Insect Pests)and in Medicine(see medical uses),as an anti -viral,anti- fungal,anti -bacterial,anti-malarial etc. Wild Neem Trees are very different from "plantation neem trees" for two main reasons.

One..Wild Neem Trees do everything that the vast amount of Modern Research and Traditional Knowledge say they do...while Plantation Trees don't.

Two..this wonderfull resource remains the property of the people who live in the areas where they grow,a vital factor when trade is established.

Although we also encourage the planting of Neem Trees,we only do it where they grow naturally and can be of benefit to the local people and never in plantation.These Wild Neem Trees are the source of Earthworks Neem Products and we buy the leaves,seeds and sticks directly from the farmers themselves....Fair Trade really means there is a smile on the face of EVERYONE at the end of the working day.Earthworks Trading is a private enterprise that depends entirely our efforts, the goodwill of our trading partners and is not dependent on Government,NGO,or any agencies "Aid"policies.When Fair Trade is mentioned,we at Earthworks Trading would prefer to just be true to the word TRADE itself which,literally translated means;"AN HONEST EXCHANGE FOR MUTUAL BENEFIT".