Earthworks Trading Co.

2 Darlington Street

BATH, Somerset


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Shampoo/Conditioner/Body Wash From Natural Wild Organic Neem.

Made with pure aqueous extract of Wild Neem and the finest quality organic detergents. Neem Shampoo is a natural hair and skin conditioner. The systemic nature of the main constituents ensures the maintenance of totally healthy hair and scalp. Dandruff, scrofula, and dry, itchy, flaky scalp soon become absent with regular use of Neem shampoo. The hardening of collagen around the hair follicles, which is responsible for excessive hair loss is also prevented. A powerful insect repellent, this shampoo clears head lice in minutes - before wetting the hair just massage the shampoo onto the dry scalp, leave for 5 minutes, wet the hair, bring to a lather and rinse out. Towel the hair dry and then repeat the procedure. Repeat daily for 3-4 days to prevent the hatching of the eggs (nits) which will detach themselves from the hair and fall out without the combing usually necessary.

Used regularly as an all-over body wash/soap, this product will prevent any bacterial, fungal, viral and parasitic conditions becoming established on the body.

Suitable for all ages, skin types and conditions, this shampoo will not irritate the eyes, and is totally non-toxic if accidentally taken internally. Being naturally astringent, it leaves the body feeling refreshed and invigorated.

For pets also, this is the perfect shampoo for animals - clears fleas and parasites and aids skin conditions, just as in humans.

Available in a 250 ml Bottle Priced: £ .01 (Plus P&P: £ .01)


For larger ammounts please contact us for details